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SelfieSign Trust Center

SelfieSign’s latest security, compliance and privacy information.

SelfieSign compliance and certification

SelfieSign meets and exceeds the most stringent global security standards. We are committed to protecting our customer data, and maintaining compliance and certification in the following industry standards.


SelfieSign is compliant with Advanced Electronic Signature under the eIDAS regulation, a law that governs electronic transactions in the European Union. We ensure individuals, businesses and public authorities can safely carry out transations digitally across all EU member states.

logo-ISO_IEC 27001_2013.png

SelfieSign is ISO 27001:2013 certified. It is an international standard on information security, and assures customers that SelfieSign meets the most stringent information security standards today.



SelfieSign is invested in protecting customer data. We adhere to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most important data protection regulation for individuals in the EU.

Read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

The Electronic Signatures Act


SelfieSign follows The Electronic Signatures Act in Taiwan. It ensures electronic signatures are valid, and have the same enforceability as "wet" handwritten signatures.

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