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🏆 Win USD 10,000



If you are the first person to get SelfieSign Autograph NFT from the 4 semi-final teams of World Cup 2022!(Argentina, Croatia, France, Morocco, FIFA World Cup 2022 Football Players)


1.Register an account at:

2.Click ‘Choose Autograph Template’


3. Choose one of the WORLD CUP templates in the ‘ Sports’ category and click ‘Choose’


4. Name your autograph card


5. Once you are directed to the autograph card page, click ‘Share’. A link and QRcode of your Autograph Card will appear. You can use this link to keep the document ready to use on your smartphone to keep it handy when you want to retrieve the autograph.


6. Announce the screenshot of the autograph you retrieved in our discord server: under the channel # 🎁︱giveaways and your Twitter mentioning our account @SVSSelfieSign with the hashtag #SelfieSignAutographNFT


How to participate

How to participate

You are eligible for the prize if you are

  1. The first person to announce the screenshot of SelfieSign Autograph NFT you retrieved in our discord server: under the channel # 🎁︱giveaways

  2. Follow SelfieSign Autograph NFT on
    Twitter :
    Join our Discord:

  3. Only the screenshot of the autograph is allowed to be shared on other platforms of your own social media.

  4. In special circumstances, SelfieSign Autograph NFT reserves the right to revise the giveaway regulation at any time without prior notification. Should there be disputes, SelfieSign Autograph NFT reserves the right to the final decision.

  5. It is the participant's responsibility to keep themselves informed as to any changes to the giveaway and/or the rules. In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point that is not expressly provided for in any of the rules, the decision of SelfieSign Autograph NFT shall be final.

  6. The prize will be transferred to the winners in the form of Cryptocurrency to the wallet connected to their SelfieSign Autograph NFT account. 

  7. If you have any questions regarding SelfieSign Autograph NFT, feel free to contact us through our Discord channel.

  8. After you receive the giveaway prize from SelfieSign Autograph NFT, the company has full ownership and rights of this autograph.


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Winning regulations
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