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SelfieSign for Sales

Maximize your time to profit

More revenue, less time and cost

Statistics show salespeople spend 1/3 of their day talking to prospects — and that doesn’t include writing emails or scheduling calls.

With SelfieSign, you save time and improve efficiency in completing contracts the same day for over 40% quicker turnaround time. No more delay between you and your clients.

Benefits for Sales Teams


Smooth delivery

Reduce time needed to get clients ready to sign. SelfieSign automates the sales
contracting process so your time is spent more wisely.


Make it convenient

Your every minute matters. Easily integrate SelfieSign to your existing CRM system, and send or sign contracts from anywhere.


Prevent disputes

The signatures are non-repudiable. SelfieSign backs you up with a record of the signing process to save you from potential disputes.

Use Cases

Stop playing the waiting game


Forget about chasing after your clients.

Signing and accepting all documents attached to the quote can now be done cleverly using SelfieSign.

Purchase order

Clients may deny they ever placed an order. Every signature signed via SelfieSign has a video record with legal standing.

Manage documents

Speed, and efficiency with no delays. All of your documents are sorted in one place where you can upload them as templates for future use.


The critical moment of any sale is closing the deal. SelfieSign helps you get customers to sign the contract within hours or minutes, even when they are remote.

Keep track

The status of a contract is in your grasp, making it easy to keep track of what’s going on, and make sure all documents are taken care of.

Streamline sales cycle

With SelfieSign, there is no brake in sales.

You reduce the lag time between interest and the final signed document in the last mile of the cycle.

Improve how you do business

Start to see less time wasted and more time selling

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