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Is Selfie the Death of Autograph? SelfieSign Autograph NFT is Here to Bring Both to Life

Since the invention of the face-front camera “Can we take a Selfie?” has simply replaced “Can you please sign this?”. Nowadays, we no longer carry our favorite baseball bat, football jersey, or band poster around to get an autograph of our idol, a smartphone is enough to do the work. As our society becomes more visual, a visual representation of these influential people that they once met or were connected to seems to be desired more than just the cursive writing of their names. We knew these influential people through their faces and how they look, not through the curve of their autographs.

But is it really the end of the autograph era? Can selfies truly take the role of autographs?

One thing is certain: Selfies have no monetary value.

Selfies can never be sold in the market. Its high level of personal touch works like a double-edged sword. While serving as a more profound memory recorder, for the same reason, this fact also works against them in the marketplace. On the other hand, autograph collecting of prominent people dates back to the late 19th century when owning famous autographs was regarded as a sign of power and influence. Inevitably, autographs became an item of commerce — bought, sold, and auctioned off, a practice that continues today.

Bridging both of these ideas, the monetary value of autograph collectibles and the enhanced visual aspect of selfies, here comes SelfieSign Autograph NFT.

SelfieSign Autograph NFT allows us to get an autograph from our idol while having the signing process video and audio recorded. This video recording will further serve as the background of the signature, capturing the memorable moment, whether it is your favorite athlete in a meet and greet after a match, your favorite actor during the red carpet of a gala, or your favorite artist during their art exhibition, capture the once in a lifetime ambiance, to the extent of the signer’s facial emotion, in a way that a regular autograph can not.

On top of that, this solves the problem of autograph fraud on the web transaction. With the video recording of who signs it in the background, the authenticity of this signature is proven.

This solution ticks both boxes, fulfilling the visual factor that made selfies popular with the personal touch, and the monetary value of an autograph. Digitalizing the whole idea of autograph collectible, SelfieSign Autograph NFT can be minted and auctioned in the market.

With all the factors combined, SelfieSign Autograph NFT amplifies the autograph collectible idea, bringing in together the experience of entertainment, sports, and arts merchandising system with a more personal touch, delivering their Selfie Video Autograph to better engage with their fans. Each autograph retrieved by SelfieSign Autograph NFT brings both the value of the modern selfie and the traditional autograph to life, combining the best of both worlds.

SelfieSign Autograph NFT is launching soon!

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