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Highering the Security, Lowering the Hassle, Try for Free and Know ‘Why SelfieSign?’

Yes, signing at any time and anywhere is the greatest thing about electronic signatures. The efficiency increased, time and cost saved, the contribution to the environment, you name it. We can mention countless advantages since electronic signature has become a thing. Yet, when you can sign anywhere and at any time without the need of being face to face with each other, how do you confirm the signature is authentically signed by the intended person?

You need SelfieSign

SelfieSign records the signing process.

All documents signed with SelfieSign are embedded with video recordings of the signer’s signing process. With this, you can verify who is signing and have concrete evidence that this document is willingly signed.

On top of a video recording, hash code, time, and location stamps are also embedded in the document, ensuring signature security, authenticity, and non-repudiation.

And just because it is highly secured, doesn’t mean it is complicated.

For everybody in need of this solution no matter what size of your business, SelfieSign comes up with a simple and affordable subscription plan. 20, 60, 120, pay according to how many documents you need and go big according to the growth of your business.

Security? Checked

Affordable subscription plan? Checked

One more checklist to go, user experience.

SelfieSign provides the easiest, most hassle-free experience on both ends, yours and your signer.

On your side, import a PDF file to SelfieSign (on the website or download the App on any gadget with a camera) and easily tap and place either the signature block, text block, or checklist block you want your signer to fill in. Pass this document to your signer, by a link, e-mail, or QR code.

Once your signer receives the document, they can simply click the designated place to fill it out without needing to download the SelfieSign app. Once they click the sign box, the camera will automatically be activated, all they have to do is start signing on the screen and click submit!

You will know once your signer signs, and you can easily track your document status, you have the option of downloading it as a PDF file as well if needed.

By using SelfieSign, you protect both your business and your customers' rights, providing them with a safe yet hassle-free e-signing method.

Aiming to become the e-signature platform of choice, SelfieSign works through all the complicated logic and possible scenarios behind document e-signing, coming up with the most user-friendly interface, document management, and flexible subscription plans, increasing your work efficiency to assist your business in achieving the targeted growth.


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