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Environmental, Social, Governance


What is ESG?



Environment factor includes energy and natural resource usage management, pollution and waste management, and other effort related to environment to achieve the goal of combating global warming, adopting green energy usage, reducing pollution and waste, wildlife conservation, and other earth-friendly movement.


Social factor includes employee engagement, data protection and privacy, product liability, risk benefit assessment, employee health and safety management,  marketing management, and community service, etc.



Governance factor includes board diversity and structure, shareholder rights protection, risk management, business ethics, supply chain management, etc.


ESG and ThinkCloud Technology

Along with the digital transformation trend, many innovative technologies and new applications have been launched in several industries with the ESG concept, carbon reduction, contactless economy, and paperless movement as their important catalysts.

ThinkCloud Technology launched SelfieSign, a dynamic biometrics electronic signature solution that has contributed to making customers in different fields such as finance, healthcare, real estate, and other industries become leaders in the ESG movement in their respective industries, saving time, costs, and strengthening their market position.

Charles Wu, CEO of ThinkCloudTechnology collaborates with the President of Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospitals & Clinic Association and the President of Hospital Information and Technology Association in Central Taiwan, ESG World Citizens & Digital Governance Foundation to spawn the "2025 Paperless Alliance” in hope of working together with the government to achieve the goal of gradually increasing the energy saving, carbon reduction, and paperless budget movements by more than 20% every year before 2025, promote the reduction of 80% industry paper usage by the end of 2025, and the complete abolition of traditional seals and paper signatures, promoting the true paperless movement in Taiwan to become the leading digital country.

Let SelfieSign Accompany
Your Business Sign to Participate in the Green Movement! 


Zero paper waste, exhaust emission,
and water waste; environment protection for sustainability


Digital storage; paper usage and storage space reduction; effective data management to prevent data theft




Data encryption; strengthen file management security.


No time and distance gap; signing can be done at anywhere and anytime, maintaining business flow efficiency


E-contract increases work efficiency, provides video recording of signing process to ensure that it is legally binding and non-repudiable

Be The Pioneer of Sustainable Enterprise

Go paperless with SelfieSign, save costs, increase efficiency 

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