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SelfieSign for Healthcare

Focus on patients,
not processes.

Deliver the simplest signing experience

For any healthcare institution, pharmaceutical and biomedical company or research center, there is an enormous amount of documents requiring signatures. This occupies much of their time, and leads to delay in services and development.


SeflieSign digitizes the document signing process for you to expedite treatments to patients and the market, while complying with industry regulations like EU’s eIDAS Regulation. We ensure every e-signature is legally binding, and non-repudiable with a

video record of the signing process.

Benefits for Healthcare


Get results sooner

SelfieSign shortens the time of processing and tracking documents for you to focus on what matters the most — patients, subjects and research study.


Save costs

By going paperless, we eliminate the manual processes that are slow and expensive, and you save on printing, labor and storage space. 


Avoid disputes

SelfieSign ensures every signature signed is legally binding, and backed by a video evidence of the signing process.

Use Cases

Get treatments, and medications to patients faster

Easily integrate into hospitals

Work inside a hospital information system you are already familiar with — thanks to SelfieSign.

Save significant resources

By going paperless, the healthcare and medical industries save labor, paper and supplies, as well as shelf space.

Keep track of research progress

Know the status of documents waiting for or signed by subjects anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Accelerate internal operations

Electronically prepare, and manage clinical trial documentation for the study of new drugs and medical devices in minutes — not days. 

Compliant with regulations

SelfieSign meets the most demanding industry regulations including eIDAS and ISO 27001:2013.

Traceable, and court-admissible

Enforce non-repudiation of every signed document with audit trails, and video records of the signing process.

Maximize your time for patients

Introduce SelfieSign in your hospital, clinic or pharmaceutical company

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