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E-signature revolutionized.

Your business is
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SelfieSign makes it easy to send, track, and collect legally binding agreements

SelfieSign for teams of any size

Electronic signature is a legal and traceable way to sign documents. By replacing traditional handwritten signatures, you get approvals faster, cut heavy paperwork to a few simple clicks, and save more money in your organization.

SelfieSign customers enjoy all of the above, and remain confident that each signature is authentic, legally recognized, and backed by video evidence.

Streamline your agreement workflow from account opening, loan processing to wealth management.

Speed up patients’ access to treatments, while staying legally compliant.

Sign and track all of your letters and forms instantly — no need to print or scan.

Free sales reps from admin tasks so they can do what they do best: close deals.

Optimize the contract lifecycle from days to hours for your profits.

Digitize paperwork to drive exceptional student and staff experience — on and off campus.

Quickly receive legally binding e-signatures with audit trails and video evidence.

Industries and Departments

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