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SelfieSign Privacy Policy

Effective Date:  September 30th, 2020


SelfieSign holds your privacy with the highest respect. This Privacy Policy sets out how SelfieSign and its company (“we”, “us” or “our”) collect and use personal information of customers and individuals (“you”) who access our website, web client, mobile applications or any of our other sites, products or services that link to this Privacy Policy (the “Services”). By using our sites and services, you agree for us to collect and use your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.  

We have created this Privacy Policy for you to understand what personal information we collect, why we collect it, and how it is used. 

  1. Types of Personal Information 

  2. How We Collect Personal Information 

  3. How We Use Your Information 

  4. Personal Information Sharing 

  5. Retention of Information 

  6. How We Protect Your Information 

  7. Your Privacy Rights / Your Choices

  8. Children’s Privacy

  9. Revisions of Privacy Policy

  10. How to Contact Us


We collect personal information from you and your devices when you use our Services, even when you visit our sites or apps without logging in. 

Personal information we collect automatically. We collect information related to how you use our Services, and use this information to provide, improve, and promote the Services, and protect SelfieSign users. 

The types of personal information we collect include: 

  • User Account and Related Information. We collect personal information about how you use our Services and also computers or other devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, you use to access our Services. Examples include: 

    • Name and email address 

    • IP address 

    • Device identifiers and attributes, like operating system, web browser and language 

    • Usage data, such as number of clicks on landing pages, views of web pages and amount of time spent on particular pages 

    • Transaction data, including record of actions that users take on a transaction (e.g., sign and review) 


  • Cookies. We use cookies, information about your preferences that are downloaded on your device (“Cookies”), to help us enhance user experience, learn how people use our Services, and for analytics purposes (e.g., Google Analytics) and tailored advertisements (e.g., Google Ads, Linkedin Ads). 


  • Biometric Characteristics. We capture and record your biometric traits including facial image and handwriting style (e.g., strokes, pressure and velocity of writing) when we video record your signing process, and  they will only be used to verify or authenticate signatures, or as evidence in the event of dispute. 

Personal information we collect from third parties. We may collect additional information about you from third parties to help us understand how we can better improve and provide our Services for SelfieSign users. 

For example: 

  • Analytics. We use services like Google Analytic that use cookies and other tracking technologies to gather user data which allow us to improve our Services. 


  • Advertising. You may see SelfieSign’s ads across the Internet. We use Google advertising features including Google Analytics Demographics and Remarketing to place and optimize ads based on people’s visits to our website. 

Personal information we collect and process on behalf of you. When you use our Services, we process and store certain information on your behalf as a data processor. 

For example, when a customer uploads a document for review or signature, we act as a data processor and process the information on the customer’s behalf in accordance with the customer’s instructions. In such instance, the customer is the data controller and is responsible for most aspects of the processing of the information. 

SelfieSign acknowledges that you have the right to access your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns about how personal information is processed, including how to exercise your rights as a data subject, we recommend you contact the customer. 


We collect personal information provided by you when you register or use SelfieSign Services. For example, when you sign up an account, you may provide us with your name, email address and a password. You may also provide us with personal information about others when you use part of our Services, such as when you ask others to electronically sign a document. 

You provide us with personal information about yourself when you: 

  • Sign up or log in your account 

  • Sign, or review an electronic document 

  • Create or edit your profile 

  • Comment on our blog 

  • Contact us with questions, issues, or feedback ​

You also provide us with personal information about others when you for example: 

  • Receive, or send an electronic document 

  • Add people as members to an existing account 

  • Leave comments 


We collect, use, store, and process your personal information to provide, fix, improve, and market our Services. Here are some examples of how we use the information we collect and process:

  • Provide you with the Services you request 

  • Set up your account 

  • Authenticate your identity 

  • Send you records of your use of the Services, including for purchases or other events 

  • Send you marketing communications that we think may be of interest to you 

  • Record details about your electronic documents and other transactions, such as when they were opened and who signed 

  • Store your documents as letter of deposit for duration of 10 years 

  • Respond to your inquiries, requests and feedback 

  • Fix problems you may have with our Services 

  • Prevent abuse of our Services 

  • Comply with legal regulations and obligations 

In general, we collect or use personal information about you or others only where we have your consent to do so, where we need the personal information to engage in contact with you, or where the processing of the information is in our legitimate interests and not overridden by your data protection interests or fundamental rights and freedom.   


We do not sell your personal information to any third party. Your personal information may be shared as follows:

  • Service Providers. We may share your personal information with third parties that we use for the purpose of providing and supporting our Services. These companies provide services like authentication, advertising, bill collection, customer support, and data storage. We have agreements with our service providers that safeguard the proper use of your personal information. 


  • Public and Government Authorities. We may share your personal information to follow applicable laws, respond to legal processes, protect the legal rights of our users, our employees, our third parties, or when there are violations of this Privacy Policy or other agreements. 


  • Other Users. Your personal information may be shared with others when you allow them to access, edit, or use content in your account.  


  • Public Information. When you create a account or comment on our blog, your personal information may be read and used by others. 


  • Consent. We may share your personal information in other ways if you have asked us to do so or have given us permission. 


We keep your personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes of our Services outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required for legal reasons, or other lawful purposes. 


When there is no legitimate business need to process your personal information, we will either delete anonymize it. If this is not possible due to technical limitations, we will securely store your personal information and limit use of it.  


To keep your personal information safe, we use measures, technologies and protocols to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, abuse or modification of personal information. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at


You may have certain rights about your personal information which include: 

  • Rights to understand how your personal information is collected and used. ​

  • Rights to access and review your personal information you have provided at any given time.

  • Rights to correct your personal information. ​

  • Rights to have your personal information erased or deleted. Contracts or documents involving signatures from multiple parties may be kept as letter of deposit for at least 10 years. For uttermost safety, we still encourage you to download and backup your documents. ​

  • Rights to reject use of your personal information. Where we need your content to process your personal information, you have the rights to decline or withdraw consent at any time. 

  • Rights to restrict use of your personal information. You can limit the purposes of your personal information if you have concerns or doubts. 

  • Rights to be notified of data breach. Should there be events of personal information breach, we are obligated to notify you within 72 hours of the event that occurred. 

  • Rights to raise questions or complaints with your local authority. You have the rights to take legal actions if there has been a violation under applicable law such as EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

If you wish to exercise these rights such as delete your personal information, you can contact us directly at We may first verify you through your login of your account and respond to your request. Personal information involved in signed contracts or documents that are required to be maintained and stored for legal reasons may not apply. 


Our Services are not intended for people under the age of 18 (“minors”). We do not knowingly collect or ask for personal information from minors. We do not knowingly allow minors to use our Services. We will delete any information we discover is collected from a minor without permission from their parents or legal guardians.


Please contact us at if you believe we might have personal information about a minor.  


We may revise this Privacy Policy to reflect the latest changes in law, our Services, our company, and our data collection and usage practices. Depending on the type of change, we may notify you by positing on this page or by email. Changes made to this Privacy Policy are effective immediately when they are posted. 


For questions or concerns regarding our use of your personal information or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

1 Types of Personal Information
2. How We Collect Personal Infomation
5. 資料保存 
1. 我們收集的個人資訊
4. 我們如何分享您的資訊
7. 您的隱私權利
6. 我們如何保護您的資訊
8. 兒童隱私
9. 隱私權政策的變更
2. 我們如何收集個人資訊
3. 我們如何使用您的資訊
10. 聯絡我們
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