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SelfieSign for Human Resources

Love people, not paper.

Tech with a human touch

According to a 2020 PwC survey of HR executives, 72% have or will have core HR systems in the cloud.

SelfieSign simplifies the process of signing forms and contracts for you to focus on attracting, retaining and developing employees. No more piles of paper.

Benefits for Human Resources

Maximize time


Focus on things that matter — hiring, retaining and developing your people.


Lower costs

No more printing, copying or scanning which takes up 10% of IT costs in most organizations.


Avoid disagreement 

Every electronic signature signed is authentic, video evidence-backed, and there to stay.

Use Cases

Focus on talents, from hiring to retiring


Impress your candidates with professional, mobile-first documents. SelfieSign makes it easy to send, fill out, and sign offer letters, forms and NDAs.

Managing employees

SelfieSign streamlines everything from benefit enrollments, payrolls, performance evaluations to vacation approvals.

Training courses

Welcome to the world of digital HR.

SelfieSign helps HR teams get signatures on training forms and certifications fast.


Starting a new job with a load of paperwork can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. SelfieSign lets you send documents, and track their status on any device.


SelfieSign provides a signing record of audit trails and videos for you to say goodbye to departing employees without future disputes.

Company policies

Simply review, and sign policy updates as intelligent forms — instead of plain papers — anytime, anywhere.

Transform how you manage people

Find out what SelfieSign can do for your organization

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