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We are powerful,

SelfieSign connects products, services or technology you use or own to power your business

SelfieSign Partners

Our partners get the full power of a robust e-signature solution in their products and services.


Why partner with SelfieSign?

We help our partners accelerate business. Together, we build innovative solutions using the power of SelfieSign e-signature solution.

SelfieSign works with companies to share technologies such as data security, biometrics, document management, blockchain and payments that contribute to mutual growth and success.

Technology Partners



Integration Partners

We collaborate with you to extend the core functionality of your products by embedding SelfieSign e-signature solution. You can request signatures for documents directly.


Strategic Partners

Leading companies partner with SelfieSign to deploy our e-signature solution and distribute it as part of their solution.


Partner focused

We select our partners, and continuously contribute to their success by adding features that meet their specific needs.

More accessible

With SelfieSign, your products or services will expand at greater length and reach a broader audience.

Secure, and reliable

With SelfieSign, your electronic signatures are more reliable and enforceable in a way that the entire signing process is video-recorded.

Easy integration

Every aspect of SelfieSign’s service is easy to configure. The seamless integration of our e-signature workflow into your apps or services saves you loads of time.

Straight from your solution

Get your documents sent and signed digitally and directly from your solution to avoid toggling between different applications.

A competitive edge

SelfieSign is a highly secure, and highly customizable e-signature solution. You get the same capabilities as others but with an extra layer of security and trust.

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