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SelfieSign for Financial Services

Inspire trust with
your clients

Fintech era, with friendlier service

With SelfieSign, Taiwan’s Yuanta Securities allows its customers to save 1/3 of their time on account opening. When less time and efforts are needed for documents, it means less hassles for the clients.


SelfieSign boosts your customer experience by speeding up your business workflow, while maintaining security and compliance.

Benefits for Financial Sectors

Speedy process


You spend too much time getting signatures, and fixing errors. With SelfieSign, what could take days now take hours, or just minutes. 


Build customer relationship

SelfieSign helps you focus on clients instead of the process by making paperwork less burdensome. They can sign documents anytime, anywhere on any device.


Stay secure and compliant

SelfieSign provides audit trails and video records for all of your signed agreements to keep you fraud-free, while complying with the most stringent e-signature regulations.

Use Cases

Keep up with rapidly evolving customers

Account opening

No physical visit needed. Your customers can search, select, and open an account on their smartphones in an end-to-end digital process.

Credit card application

Your application process is cut from days to 24 hours. SelfieSign works perfectly for clients to fill out and sign the application forms without a hiccup. 

Online transactions

SelfieSign ensures the authenticity and validity of your signatures in peer-to-peer transactions such as payment and lending.

Loan application

From car and business loans to home mortgages, using SelfieSign for loan applications enables you to quickly deliver time-sensitive agreements.

Wealth management

Stop losing hours to chasing documents. SelfieSign helps you focus on managing your clients’ assets by shortening the long sales process to a single session.


Your signed documents will have full audit trails as well as a complete video record of each signature to ensure legal compliance and low risks.

Reimagine how you deliver service

Experience a more intuitive signing process with SelfieSign

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