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SelfieSign Advanced Service

Conveniently Online Meet and Sign

SelfieSign provides a variety of secure and convenient e-signature system integrations.

iMeeting- Conveniently Online Meet and Sign

Level up your work flow efficiency with iMeeting. Confirm the contract, sign, and record the signing process to ensure the validity of the signature. The PDF file will have embedded video images, signatures, audio, and video recording of the signing process, making remote signing process safe and efficient.

Path 3243.png
Ellipse 45.png
Parties involved confirming document
Path 3242.png
Sign the document after it is confirmed
Path 3242.png

Sign from Anywhere

Safe the commuting time and cost for signing procedure. iMeeting allows both parties to confirm the contract and sign remotely from anywhere.

Everything You Need, in One Document

The picture of participants in the online meeting, e-signature, and the picture of the signing process will be embedded in one PDF file.

Advanced Security Encryption

All data embedded in the document will be encrypted and stored in the cloud database.

Your Video Evidence Ready, Anytime You Need

Play the recording of the signing process and online meeting at anytime without any limitation.

Selfie and Sign Now!

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