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SelfieSign for Legal Departments

Your agreements
are trustworthy

Legal work at full speed

Many legal departments juggle a lot of responsibilities — governing agreements, negotiations and operational documents — and are expected to do it fast, and well.

SelfieSign ensures legal departments that their agreements are all legally binding by providing video evidence of each signed agreement. 

Benefits for Legal Departments

Legally admissible


SelfieSign is ISO 27001:2013 certified and compliant with the EU Advanced Electronic Signatures defined under eIDAS Regulation.


Evidence in court

Every signature signed with SelfieSign has a timestamp and video-based evidence, making it admissible in court.


Streamline workflow

SelfieSign integrates e-signatures into your company’s workflow to help you track all signed and unprocessed agreements efficiently.

Use Cases

Legaltech, from paper to digital

Legal agreements

Accelerate your turnaround time by simplifying the preparation and execution of standard agreements like NDAs, sales contracts and partnership agreements.

Monitor progress

Keep everyone in the loop. You can keep track of all signed and in-progress documents in real-time, know who signed, when, and who’s next.

Internal operations

Ensure your operational documents such as new hire paperwork and policies are approved and processed faster, and meeting compliance requirements.

Dispute settlement

Leave no room for argument. SelfieSign provides you with video-based evidence beyond the mere digital trail in case of a dispute.

Modernize your legal document process

Turn manual, repetitive legal process into automated workflow

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