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SelfieSign for online document signing amid COVID-19

SelfieSign for remote working during COVID-19 pandemic
SelfieSign for remote working during COVID-19 pandemic

  As COVID-19 outbreak continues, we now hold many conferences and meetings online to avoid getting infected.

  But what happens to important documents that need to be signed? Can it be done via an e-signature software? And under the circumstances that we are unable to sign in person, is there any way to ensure the signatures are indeed signed by the people intended?


SelfieSign – the e-signature solution that authenticates signer’s identity

  Unlike its fellow e-signature solutions out there, SelfieSign is a dynamic biometrics signature (DBS)* solution which integrates electronic signatures with video recording on PCs and mobile devices.

  The signer should be the person intended (“Aware”), recognize the document to be signed (“Acknowledge”) and agree to put his or her name down (“Approve”). With such, we guarantee transparency, visibility and traceability of the signed documents. They are thus secure, authentic and non-repudiable, and are what we call documents with “explicit consent.”

* Note: Dynamic biometrics signature is a type of e-signature that captures and recognizes the biometric features specific to each signer, and is thus of higher authentication and greater security.


A couple achievements of SelfieSign.

  SelfieSign is not only recognized by the Department of Commerce, MOEA, of Taiwan as a non-digital*, but dynamic biometrics signature solution. It has also been verified to be compliant of “Advanced Electronic Signature” (AES) under  EU’sElectronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS) standards.

  It has been over 2 years since China Medical University Hospital adopted SelfieSign. Each month, more than 200,000 documents are sent and signed, saving $13 million in labor and $18 million in paper costs. Up till now, there has not been cases where e-signatures were denied. Not only hospitals, financial giants such as Cathay Life Insurance and Yuanta Securities are using SelfieSign as well.

* Note: Digital signature is a type of e-signature that is based on a digital certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (CA).


We make remote document signing safe, and flexible.

  SelfieSign offers the most innovative technology to avoid disputes over e-signatures. Its web and mobile apps allow users to send, sign and trace documents, as well as get notified, regardless of when and where they are. Time, money and labor spent on document delivery and management are reduced for better productivity.

  Today, signing from one’s desktop, mobile phone or tablet has become a trend, as we try to reduce contact with people and the risk of cross-infection. At a time like this,SelfieSign is your choice if you wantto have the same effect of signing in-person, and the same level of security and trust.


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