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Top 4 Game Changer Software To Up Your Remote Working Quality

The working culture around the world has made a big shift since the COVID era. Especially regarding where work can take place. Pre-covid, it seems like remote working isn’t such a big thing around the world. But now, it has shifted to the level of widened eyes, and a “really?” question popped up when an office job requires on-site presence. After 2 years of the COVID surge, it seems like it has been proven that remote working doesn’t decrease productivity if not increases it instead.

Supporting software to get the job done has played a crucial role in this. It all began as a forced situation where everything from meetings to document signings need to be digitally done because of the pandemic.

"Can you see me?", "can you see my screen?", and "I can not hear you" seem to waste so much time during online meetings. Even simple communication was frustrating. But after 2 years of being familiar with the software and utilizing it at its best, a huge rise in the "extra-ordinary" ones has come along the way to elevate the quality of remote working, creating a better environment, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity. Hence this leads to a bigger chance of scaling up the business. Without further ado, let’s leave out the basics and dive deeper into these remarkable software products, shall we?

Imagine sitting in an office, but digitally.

We can sit together, walk around, book a private room for a meeting, and talk by just moving our avatar closer to the colleague we want to talk to. With the mission to humanize online communications for natural interactions, oVice offers a 2-D virtual office as your communication platform, like metaverse spaces for our team. oVice creates open communication and spontaneous collaboration in the comfort of remote work, which enhances digital communication quality between team members and leads to a more stimulating environment.

Ovice interface


Since a signature is such a vital indicator of a “closed deal”, converting it from a pen and paper signature to a digital one might lead to doubts here and there. Such as, “is it as legally binding as the wet signature?”, “how to make sure that the person signing is the person intended since we don’t see each other face to face?”.

What makes SelfieSign a digital signature platform that can eliminate those doubts then? SelfieSign offers a recording of the signing process as the background of the digital signature. This recording serves the purpose of fully expressing the signer’s willingness to sign and enhancing the undeniability of signing, guaranteeing the document is signed by the person intended, a non-repudiable proof that leaves fraud with no space. Compliant to the advanced electronic signature (AES) requirements under EU eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication, and trust Services) Regulation and ISO 27001:2013 (International information security standard) certified, SelfieSign steps up the security of e-signing, providing a safe online agreement environment.

SelfieSign document


Krisp is a noise-canceling app that can be integrated into any kind of communication platform that uses a microphone and speaker.

With video and audio calls being a core part of remote working, it’s important to maintain a high level of professionalism when we are on it. And yes, not everybody is privileged with the most tranquil environment to work remotely. Traffic noise outside or neighbors mowing their lawn, those little things in the background might be a distraction for the people we are on call with.

With Krisp, a “smart” layer is added between the device and the communication platform to eliminate background noises, elevating the comfort and professionalism of all parties involved in the online call with one click away.

About krisp


Accounting made easy, this is what Freshbooks offers.

Playing the role of accountant digitally, Freshbooks helps keep track of receipts, lessen the pain during tax time, and make your invoices. Freshbooks let business owners spend less time on accounting, indirectly providing time to grow the business! Let’s admit it, accounting is not for everyone, and Freshbooks is here to take that role.

freshbooks interface


Now, let’s get to the point. Are all these Apps free? Yes, but with limited access.

The good thing is that even though a subscription is needed for more access, all of the apps mentioned above offer a subscription plan that can be chosen according to the size of your current business, upgrade and customize to the growth of your business accordingly.

So try it out for free, see how you like it, customize and find the best option.

From providing the comfort of communicating like oVice and Krisp, enhancing document security like SelfieSign, or taking an accountant role like Freshbooks, these software products are here to boost your team’s working quality, providing them with the best digital working environment, and smoothen the growth of your business.


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