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SelfieSign Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with No-Code Technology

The digitalization of business operations has been on the rise for a while now, driven by the need for increased efficiency, lower costs, and a more environmentally-friendly approach. However, the shift to digital also brings a new set of challenges with it, especially when it comes to building secure systems to support online workflows, such as signing agreements and securing transactions.

This is where the rise of no-code solutions comes in, offering companies a way to digitize their operations without the hassle and cost of traditional code-based solutions. The platform's no-code functionality means that even non-technical users can easily create custom workflows and manage the platform easily with visual interfaces, drag-and-drop tools, and pre-built templates. One such solution is SelfieSign.

Despite its no-code nature, SelfieSign is a robust platform that is capable of handling complex workflows and integrating with other systems. One of the industries that has benefited from the solution SelfieSign offers is the healthcare industry, which has faced challenges in their digitalization journey due to the complexity and security requirements of their systems.

No-code technology in healthcare

Notes: SelfieSign’s customers in the medical industry

Security, The Biggest Obstacle

Signing consent forms is a vital aspect of the healthcare industry. Adopting a new method for such a crucial task, particularly when it pertains to someone's health, is not a simple feat. The long-standing tradition of in-person, hand-written signatures on paper has been perceived as the safest and most familiar way to execute agreements.

SelfieSign, as a dynamic biometrics electronic signature solution with 4 biometric traits: image, video, voice, and signature has made it possible for digitalizing consent form signing process due to the evidence provided, proving the intention of the signer and the authenticity of the signature. As to be said, SelfieSign offers stronger, unalterable data and evidence that traditional signatures can’t, putting both patients and healthcare staffs at ease, and giving confidence for the adaptation of this new technology.

Here is Where No-Code Comes in The Game When it comes to document management, form customization, and sequence management of signing, this is where the no-code functionality comes into play. With SelfieSign's visual and communicative functionalities, healthcare staff can easily drag and drop the desired functionalities into the form, such as the signature block, picture or text area, etc. Customized forms can then be saved as templates for future use.

Another game changing feature that has given a lot of benefit to the health care industry is the smart document management system. Generating a consent form can be done with ease with just a simple data input into SelfieSign's consent form generation system. To this point, not only this solution has reduced a lot of resources in IT support, but also has increased efficiency for the healthcare workers.

No-code technology in healthcare

Notes: SelfieSign consent form generation system

In-House System Hassle

SelfieSign offers 'e-Hospital cloud’ to tackle the hassle of building an in-house system that requires significant technical expertise, including knowledge of databases, servers, and security protocols. With 'e-Hospital cloud,' hospitals or clinics can enjoy all the mentioned functionalities without having to deal with those hassles, as the data can be stored in the cloud. This solution has been highly adopted by a lot of clinics and smaller scale hospitals in Taiwan due to the elimination of wifi-system and server set-up, also the purchase of many devices, making it cost-efficient for smaller-scale businesses.

No-Code Technology for the Healthcare Industry

SelfieSign has served half of the medical centers in Taiwan, leading to proven results of increase in accuracy and speed of workflows, reduced cost, and has been proven to tackle a real-case signature dispute attempt case. While it's true that some may argue that no-code solutions are inherently inflexible, SelfieSign stands out as an example of how this need not be the case. With its impressive array of features and capabilities, SelfieSign has proven itself more than capable of meeting the complex demands of the healthcare industry, while still retaining the simplicity and ease-of-use that is the hallmark of a no-code solution.


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