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E-signature: The Key to Your Company's ESG Strategy

The world of business is not just about profits, but also about responsibility. That's why, for the past few years, ESG—or "environmental, social and governance"—strategy has been a popular topic among businesses seeking new ways to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. Whether it is billions invested in green and sustainable instruments, significant institutional efforts to consider ESG as a risk driver for lending and investing, or large corporations restructuring themselves to embrace net-zero pledges, all of these efforts point to a recognition that companies nowadays are moving towards their ESG objectives.

The majority of investors today want not only a return on their investment but also to know that their capital is being used effectively. As investors demand that corporations live up to their ethical responsibilities for a better future, organizations must now develop strategies and implement them accordingly to bring ESG policies to life.

Since then, the adaptation of E-signature has become more and more common. E-signatures are more than just a way to get a signature on the dotted line, it is a way to agree better, and better agreements can make a difference not just for emissions, but for every lever of ESG.

E-Signature Assists You in Achieving Your Environmental Goals

By going digital and implementing E-signature, a company reduces the amount of paper they use, documents can be signed online instead of having to print out and sign them with a pen, needing to meet physically. This reduces waste by eliminating the need for printing and paper disposal and the commuting or shipping burden of physically signing a contract. This also leads to a more significant environmental impact, such as reducing the water footprint from chemical polluting water production and carbon emissions from production, supply chain, and contract delivery.

One of SelfieSign’s customers reported that after 1 year of implementing SelfieSign, they managed to reduce 8,241 tons of CO2e.

E–Signature For Increased Employee & Customer Satisfaction, Leading to a Greater Sense of Social Responsibility

E-signature streamlines workflow. Instead of having to go through multiple steps in order for an employee to access company information or sign off on a document, e-signatures allow them to do both quickly and easily without much hassle at all. It also helps reduce the amount of time employees spend on paperwork by making it easier for them to get things done quickly. Customers can now enjoy your service without hassle too. No more needing to be physically present to sign a document. On top of that, it also provides better security than the paper signature, putting the customer at ease.

SelfieSign works through all the complicated logic and possible scenarios behind document e-signing, coming up with the most user-friendly interface, document management, and flexible subscription plans, increasing your work efficiency to assist your business in achieving targeted growth.

E-Signature Improves Your Company’s Governance

Two key points that E-signature ticks for good corporate governance: transparency and accountability, leading to a strong governance practice to prevent fraud and other financial problems.

SelfieSign records the signing process. All documents signed with SelfieSign are embedded with video recordings of the signer’s signing process. With this, you can verify who is signing the document and have concrete evidence that this document is willingly signed.

To enhance security, hash code, time, and location stamps are also embedded in the document, ensuring signature security, authenticity, and non-repudiation, protecting both your business and your customers' rights.

E-signature provides additional, unalterable data that traditional signatures simply can’t, preventing, bad practices and poor risk management that could lead to disaster.

Paper signature has been the lifeblood of business operations for decades, however, modern times require modern solutions. Being environmentally friendly and efficient had and will continue to be one of the goals of businesses, especially when society demands a greener approach to everything. The emergence of E-signature can be seen as an innovation for companies to get closer to their ESG objective, changing habits gradually and ultimately leading to endless possibilities and tangible benefits.



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